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Welcome to the Aussie Cargo Alliance a new network directory for Freight Forwarders, vendors and shippers who are interested in developing their place in the Australian Market. A place to source your business partners freight agent or even supplier. We are the first network to incorporate customers, not just cargo related businesses.


As our membership grows and our locations spread across the globe, here are some of our premium member locations

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Visitors can register to your portal as users and submit their own items. You can create different packages and by
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The Latest News

Shipping container washes ashore on Moreton Island!

12 March, 2018

but you'll find no treasures here ..... A shipping container spotted bobbing up and down in waters

Plane skids off cliff edge!

15 January, 2018

A passenger jet skidded off a runway and got stuck in the mud on the edge of a cliff in northern Tur

The Uluru climbing ban

9 November, 2017

The Uluru climbing ban is better for tourism in the long run! Closing Uluru to climbers empower


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