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Flying cars take off on French Riviera for Monaco ‘supercar’ show

Flying cars take off on French Riviera for Monaco ‘supercar’ show

IT looks like science fiction, but the idea of a flying car could be a reality as soon as next year. Better start those flying lessons STAT!

FLYING cars might seem like the stuff of science fiction, but two prototypes were launched Thursday on the French Riviera, at an event showcasing “supercars” in Monaco.

Dutch and Slovak companies unveiled their designs as world premieres in the tiny well-heeled principality, where luxury automakers have gathered until Sunday for the Top Marques showcase event.

Bratislava-based Aeromobil, whose first prototype presented two years ago suffered an accident, is back with a “new generation” of flying vehicle named after the firm which makes it.

“We are taking reservations from today for deliveries expected in 2020, after the process of (regulatory) approvals is completed,” the Slovak firm’s spokesman Stefan Vadocz said.


The Aeromobil, a flying supercar is on display as part of the “Top Marques” show, dedicated to exclusive luxury goods, on April 20, 2017 in Monaco. Picture: Valery HacheSource:AFP

The Aeromobil vehicle, six metres long and with a fully-deployed span of nine metres, is a normal four-wheel car which can unfold its wings to transform itself into a plane able to fly two passengers at a cruising speed of 260km/h for up to 750 kilometres.

The price? Between 1.2 and 1.5 million euros ($A1.7 to $A2.13), depending on options chosen. Its Dutch rival for the futuristic vehicle type, the Pal-V Liberty, is the brainchild of Robert Dingemanse, whose company is based near Breda in the south of the Netherlands.


The Aeromobil, a flying supercar is on display. Picture: Valery HacheSource:AFP


Inside the futuristic Aeromobil flying car.Source:Supplied


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