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Shipping into the Future.

Shipping into the Future.

Ships of the future

Not just containers and terminals, even ships are going back to the future with some innovative and energy saving technology such as wind powered ships and other green technologies..

Marine Insight reported a while ago about skysail technology which uses towing kites to move the ship forward, reducing the load on the engine and lowering fuel consumption..

This innovative use of wind energy has been implemented on several types of cargo ships with favourable results. The kite ship or the skysail technology has been proved to reduce fuel consumption of ships when the kite is used in strong winds.Aghina Marina – The largest bulk carrier ship to use skysail technology and Beluga Skysail are some examples wherein the kite technology has been used successfully. Click here to find out how skysails work.


belunga skysailsThe 400-foot Beluga SkySails, the world’s first cargo ship to use a SkySail.


future of shippingLogistics companies are also implementing technology based changes in many of the logistics and supply functions enhancing their processes relating to procurement, S&OP and customer services..

Automation, EDI, online booking systems, automated warehouses, 3D printing, drone deliveries, Big Data, IoT and other such mechanical and digital technologies are set to take over the shipping, freight and logistics space creating enormous flexibility in the day to day operations and also dramatically empowering the customers..

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